Welcome to Meatballs

Meatballs is a newsletter put out occasionally at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) of DaimlerChrysler.

It is mainly directed to the skilled trades but many issues are relevant to all union members in the plant, the corporation, industry and society.

The name Meatballs comes from an incident shortly before the publication of the first issue when a memo from a supervisor leaked out. In the memo he referred to the trades as "Meatballs" who had no business being involved in plant decisions.

In addition  there are some useful documents

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Meatballs #17

Reality of Contract Negotiations

Goodbye Letter


Meatballs #16

Lessons of Delphi Contract

Safety  Issues following an accident



Meatballs #15

 Wishful Thinking at the Gates of Hell (Cerberus Purchase of Chrysler)

Smear tactics in the election


Meatballs #14

 Sale” and “Transformation” of Chrysler

Report of Bargaining Convention  March 07


UAW agreements at Ford Transmission Plants 

Van Dyke Transmission Plant Agreement 5/06

Recently two Ford Transmission plants (Sharonville, OH and Sterling Heights, MI) essentially destroyed a large part of their skilled trades and gave the company a blank check on outsourcing .in return for promises to build new transmissions.  Apparently the agreement was negotiated in May (before the UAW Convention) but was not revealed to members until the last week in August.


UAW Convention Reports to Local 1700 membership

Proposed Delegation Convention Report 6/22/06

The 1700 delegation is preparing a consensus report. Here is one proposal. When the consensus report is completed it will be posted here.


Convention Minority Report by Mike Parker, delegate


UAW agreements for Engine Plants  4/06

Trenton Engine Plant agreement 4/25/06

Rather than organizing UAW locals to bargain together to resist the company's assault, the International is helping the company slice up the union.


Delegate Election Leaflet March 2006


UAW Chrysler Dept. agreement on new Dundee Engine Plant in Monroe Area  1/03

New World Engine Agreement

Before any workers are employed the UAW has agreed with the Chrysler-dominated joint venture to a 5-year (renewable 5 more years without a vote) agreement. Among other things it provides for outsourcing major traditional work, collapsing classifications, a single classification in machining which will do all operation and maintenance, no overtime after 8 hours, etc. It appears authentic, but I can not vouch that it is the last version, that it includes all agreements, or that it has not been tampered with.


Proposed Jeep Contract  12/03

Jeep Toledo Contract

Agreement provides for outsourcing the body and paint shop, 4 ten-hour days, 8 year contract etc. This has had some circulation on the Internet. It appears authentic, but I can not vouch that it is the last version, that it includes all agreements, or that it has not been tampered with.


Important sections of the 2003  DaimlerChrysler/UAW contract not included in the highlights

Letter 124

The UAW endorses and will help DC management press for its wish list on reorganization ranging from team concept to TPM.  The contract also includes a letter (MOU-3)--not shown here-- endorsing and applying the principles of Lean Production to the Parts Distribution Centers .


Letter on Flexible Operations

The UAW agrees to give the company flexibility in imposing work schedules


Meatballs #13

Rosa Parks.

Teamster Elections.

Plant Training Improvements.

Don't sign off on what you don't do.

Delphi and GM Concessions and Us.


Meatballs #12

Training: Setting us up for Failure; Corporate's Alternative to Trained Skilled Trades; Our responsibility. 

"Off with their heads" management. 

Meatballs #11

Increase Technology, Cut Trades?,  Poor Quality will not Save Plant

Management's strategy to cut the trades.

Meatballs #10

Plant Limps Along, Bush and Unions, Local Contract

Meatballs #9

Management Layoff Strategy; More on Lockout

Meatballs #8

Victor Reuther

Election Flyer

Is it Management Strategy or Stupidity?

Meatballs #7

New Lockout Instructions

Meatballs #6

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) coming to SHAP

Meatballs #5

Discussion about union participation in a plant "Throughput" committee

Why management's using the "Harbour" numbers destroys even small possibilities of working together

Meatballs #4

How management's vision differs from a union vision of a good plant

"Secret" management plant comparisons

Meatballs #3

Outsourcing & Contracting Out

Union busting at UAW organized Accuride plant in Kentucky

Safety Glasses

Meatballs #2

Safety Lockout

Meatballs #1

Issues in skilled trades delegate election

Management overtime baloney